Advanced Motorcycle Training

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All associates and observers attending the next event, please sign up.

Please note: If the ratio of Observers to Associates cannot be accommodated priority will be given to Associates that have booked.

What is Advanced Motorcycling?

"Advanced Motorcycling" is the ability to control the position and speed of the machine safely, systematically and smoothly, using all relevant road scene information to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility.

This skill requires a positive but courteous attitude and a high standard of riding competence based on concentration, effective all round observation, anticipation and planning. All this must be coordinated with good handling skills.

The vehicle will always be in the right place on the road, traveling at the right speed, with the correct gear engaged and the rider will always be able to stop safely within the distance that can be seen to be clear.

Institute of Advanced Motorists

Firstly, you should purchase the 'IAM Skill for life' package (see front page) and when received you should contact the Membership Sec. to enrol in Cadam (no additional cost).

Your details will be forwarded to our 'Training Co-ordinator' for allocation of training resources, of which you will be informed. You will then be eligible for virtually free Observer time to sharpen your skills to the level of the 'IAM Advanced Motorcyclist' test.

Upcoming Training Events

June 2021
Date Event Meet At
Sunday 27th Training Day 09:00am Boreham McD


As an associate, you will be expected to attend training days which are held on one Sunday and one Saturday each month. Further details will be shown on the CADAM website, such as the meeting time and place. The normal meeting place will be in the rear car park of the McDonalds restaurant located at the Boreham services, adjacent to the A12 in Chelmsford but at times this will be changed to allow different riding routes to be used.

There is also a theory session held on one Tuesday evening each month. This will be to welcome new Associates (if required) and to discuss various subjects as contained in the IAM training manual (HTBABR) and the Police Roadcraft training manual.

For those who cannot make the training days, it may be possible to arrange some training during the week but there will only be a limited number of places for this exception.

Please contact the CADAM Training coordinator to discuss further if necessary.

The Observers

The training section of the group is run purely by volunteers, who are wholly dedicated to promote approved advanced riding techniques. They have made the effort to continue their training at their own expense. Additional training for them includes many on-road sessions and classroom studies, which culminate with written exams to become, qualified I.A.M. Observers. This qualification is reinforced by a retest every three years. All Observers give of their time freely, except for a contribution from the Associate (amount decided by committee) towards their 'Petrol' expenses. (currently £10.00 per observed ride)

The Associate

An Associate who continues to miss the training days may mean that he/she will be not be getting the best from the training schedule. Cancellation of a training day due to the weather will be at the discretion of the Observers. On the training day, the Associate will be allocated to a nominated Observer WHO may change for each training day.

Monetary contributions to the Observer should be made before setting-off and preferably without being asked. The Observer will give as much help and encouragement as possible but the onus is on you (the Associate) to study and practice. Good knowledge of the literature ‘The Highway Code’ and How to be a better rider handbook’ is essential. Another worthwhile read is "Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook to Better Motorcycling". Always bring your license to an observed run and your bike should be road legal. The Observer may cancel a session if he feels the machine is unsafe for use on the highway.

When the Observer feels that you are riding consistently to the required standard, a Pre-Test assessment with a Senior Observer will be arranged for you. After the check run, the Senior Observer will decide whether the Associate is ready for the IAM test, or requires further training with an Observer.